Jane Austen Society shirt

Jane Austen Society shirt

I think it’s gonna transition me really smoothly from day to night, Woods says of the Jane Austen Society shirt but in fact I love this shape-eliminating ’80s-era Victorian fairytale bridesmaid dress that she altered into one of her favorite babydoll shapes and donned for the occasion. It’s definitely my go-to silhouette because I like my shoulders. Plus, the more volume, the better. I want to look like Princess Diana at her wedding every time I’m wearing a dress. On her way out the door, Woods pulls on a pair of watchband-embellished flats, a design that came to her in a dream. Offering up a hoarders guide to Glasgow, Wood’s destination is Randall’s Antiques and Vintage Centre, a decades-old market. Spinning through aisles, perching on chaise lounges and grasping at crystal baubles with a pair of rhinestone-dotted gloves, Woods looks right at home. How we dress, how we present, the person we see when we look in the mirror and why that person is different than the person everyone else sees these are important things that really affect our mental health and how we function as a society, says Woods, adding: You’re only setting yourself up for a fall if you take yourself too seriously.

Jane Austen Society shirt

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